Juntada 054, a Meeting of Travelers

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054.travel organize a meeting of travellers. A gathering. And that’s it: we decided to call it ‘Juntada 054’. Because that’s what we’re going to do: get together to share a fun night full of magic.

The magic of the flavours of the Craft Beers of the Conventillo Cultural (with Happy Hour until 10pm) and its menu with exquisite pizzas, vegan, vegetarian, hamburgers and finger food to taste.

The magic of the music, which will play to accompany us during the night. We will enjoy rock bands, ska, and more.

And the magic of having fun and laughing with desire, because we will play ‘sapo, ‘metegol’, ‘chancho va’, Jenga, Truco. What is more, we will give great prizes: free tickets to Teatro Ciego, Milonga, Rafting in Mendoza, kayak and bike rides, drinks and more.

But above all, we will live the magic of sharing our trips, because that’s what it’s all about: meeting people with our same passion, meeting those who went to incredible places and those who come from different corners of the world to visit our country.

The ones who are part of 054 are passionate about travelling. That’s why we make «Juntada 054 | Un encuentro de Viajeros».

[FREE ENTRANCE (+18 years)]

It is not suspended by rain☔

We are very happy to tell you that Juntada 054 is back on Thursday January 9th from 7pm, in a new space: Conventillo Cultural Abasto – Anchorena 575 (in front of Abasto Shopping). The cool thing is that it has a super comfortable location and can be reached by different means of transportation (see below).

And the joy is also that we found a special place where we can carry out new activities and proposals and thus be able to renew a little bit the air of the event. At the same time, the place will be exclusive for the travelers of Juntada 054, so no one is allowed to enter if they are not part of the event.


19-21:30hs | ? Fileteado Porteño Tour 054

We will make a guided walking toue through the streets of Abasto and we will see how the fileteado porteño comes to life giving Buenos Aires a unique aspect in the world. The guide will be Nico Cancino from La Otra Buenos Aires, his Instagram: https://instagram.com/laotrabuenosairestours

? The Fileteado Porteño has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco

After the guided tour we will have a ? Buenos Aires fileteado lesson with the master Fileteador: FeBuey ?https://instagram.com/febuey, his Instagram. The class includes all materials.

The meeting point is at the corner of Anchorena and Pasaje Carlos Gardel where the statue of Carlos Gardel is located. You have to be on time at 7pm and the capacity is limited as you arrive.

This is a pay-what-you-wish activity | Duration: 1h guided tour + 1:30h fileteado lesson.


20-21 hs | ? Folcklore Class

In this course we propose to make a tour by the popular dances of our country, it is an initiation in folklore where you will learn the basic figures of the typical dances. It begins learning figures like the avance and retroceso, vuelta entera, giro, zapateo for the men and zarandeo for the women. After one hour you will be dancing gato and chacarera. Profe Jésica Greco, his instagram: @jesicagreco

Pay-what-you-wish activity | Duration: 1hs.

20-21 hs | ? Tango Class

The experience will be an introductory tango class. We work from the body communication so that you learn to connect with your part er. The basis of the tango dance is the connection between the dancers. After this first class you will be able to go out and dance. It is a progressive class, with a fixed system. We start with the walk, the walk in pairs, the circulation on the dance floor, different dynamics to dance and finally the embrace. After one hour, you will be dancing. Professors Cata Cabana and Diego Visino, their instagram: https://instagram.com/experiencia_abasto

Pay-what-you-wish activity | Duration: 1hs.


21-23:30 hs | ? Games

The classic tournaments of Sapo and Metegol; board games like ‘Truco’, Dices, ‘Chancho va’ and Jenga.

There are prizes ? for the winners.


23:30 hs | ?Music Band


THE HAND OF OLGA Serenade of disaffection. A music-theatre duo that brings together elements of dance, clown and melodrama. Their instagram: @lamanodeolga


00:15 hs | ✈ Great Traveller’s Raffle!

We raffle a trip!
(among all the assistants who have their number for the ruffle, which is obtained in the Juntada 054).


Conventillo Cultural Abasto. Anchorena 575, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

How to get there?

By subway line B, get off at «Carlos Gardel» station or by bus: 24, 26, 29, 41, 62, 64, 68, 71, 99, 110, 115, 118, 124, 132, 145, 168, 188.

By car: Abasto Shopping Center has parking until 1:30am (paid).

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