La Juntada: a Meeting of Travelers (next edition: December 20)

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 Read in Spanish organize a meeting for travelers. A coupled. And nothing turns: we decided to call it La Juntada. Because that is what we do: get together (“juntada”) to share an evening full of fun and magic.

The magic of the tastes of Madigan‘s craft beers (with Happy Hour til 9 pm) and its exquisite pizzas, burgers and sandwiches.

The magic of the music, which will sound to accompany us during the night.

And the magic of fun and wanting to laugh, because we are going to play several games like the Toad, table soccer, the Pig. And over with great prizes: free tickets for Teatro Ciego, Madigan drinks and more.

But above all of that, we will live the magic of travel, because that is: to meet people with the same passion, those who went to incredible places and who come from different corners of the world to visit our country.

Those of us, who are part of are passionate about traveling. That is why we do “La Juntada | A Meeting of Travelers“.


We’ll be waiting for you on Thursday December 20 – 7PM.
In Honduras 5015, few meters from Placita Serrano, Palermo.
How much is left for the next Juntada?

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