Enjoy the feeling of flying near Buenos Aires


Paragliding is an adventure for you, whether you are flying alone, with your family, with your partner or with friends. It is an ideal and economic activity for an aerial baptism.
You will be accompanied by an expert pilot who will make this trip a real pleasure for all five senses.
Buenos Aires and its surroundings are a perfect setting for paragliding.
Yes! We want you to leave happy, no matter what. It is a challenge that we want to achieve as long as the weather allows it. That is to say, if the weather is windy and turbulent we will not fly.
If we get a good height you can always handle the glider and guide it to where you want.

From AR$2.490
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  • Outings: Everyday if the weather allows it

  • Activity: Paragliding

  • Difficulty: Low.

  • Av. Estanislao S. Zeballos 301 – 403, Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires



You will be able to film and photograph the whole rural area of the River Plate from above.
This activity is performed with an instructor and in optimal weather conditions, with last generation equipment in excellent condition.
The flight consists of a takeoff of approximately 3 steps remaining in the air, climbing up to 400 meters (at 200 meters you can already see the Rio de la Plata and the entire city of Buenos Aires). The landing is the closest thing to going down a step.
The passenger only receives a 10-minute pre-flight instruction, where he or she is explained how to take off with the instructor, sit down, and land.
The passenger will be able to film, photograph freely, shout and if he/she wishes, he or she can have command contact.

Activity schedule: It takes place every day from 11 am onwards, until the sun goes down.

Recommendations on the Experience

  • Comfortable clothes, coat, repellent, suntan lotion, cap, sunglasses!
  • Get ready to spend a whole afternoon
  • You can film and photograph the entire rural area of the Rio de La Plata from above

Experience Restrictions

  • Have a good physical condition
  • Minors should be accompanied to the flying spot by an adult.
  • This activity is subject to weather conditions. This activity can be postponed for another date to coordinate with the pilot.

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– Equipos de alta performance y máxima seguridad
– Piloto experto
– 20 minutos de vuelo (dependiendo el clima)
– Vuelo en Parapente biplaza
– Instrucción previa al vuelo de 10 minutos
– Tomar el control del parapente y guiarlo para donde vos quieras.

No incluye:
– Traslado al lugar
– Comidas
– Ingreso al predio (ar$100)
– Video (opcional con costo extra)

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Bookings and Cancellations

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In order to fly, passengers must be in good physical condition.  Due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to travel any passengers who have recently had Surgery, Injuries, Hip, Back or Knee Problems, Health Concerns, Physical Limitations, Severe Hearing Restrictions, Pregnancy.
Minors should be accompanied to the place of flight with an adult.

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    Operator in charge: Escuela Parapente Buenos Aires

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